Real Estate l Identity & Branding

"Luxury" was the only brief we got for this project branding and identity. Logo designed by my ex-colleague. This project presentation was conceptualized and designed for The Code Studio. Content writing was also involved. Was quite an experience on the copy-writing part!! Superbia is a 60 floor, twin tower project by an esteemed builder; coming up in the heart of Mumbai.


Building Logo glow sign


Stationary close-up


Full branding

Car park hoarding

Airport branding

Bus-stop display

Highway hoarding design

Footover bridge hoarding

Flyover hoarding

Building hoarding

Roadside hoarding

Mall branding

Construction site boarding / facade

Site office

Proposed website

     Brochure conceptualized on lines of "Music Is Life"     

Cover+pgs 1-2

pgs 3-4
pgs 5-6 : lobby

pgs 7-8

pgs 9-10 : Day view of the towers

pgs 11-12

pgs 13-14 : floor plan

pgs 15-16

pgs 19-20

pgs 21-22 : living room

pgs 23-24

pgs 25-26 : bedroom


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