Bodywear Identity & branding

Creating fresh, new, luxury branding for Bodywear International Trade Expo.

The typeface used is an elegant, glamorous, chic, modern and eye-catching typeface, and packs a lot of personality with powerful & intense, timeless, elegant lines. Based on classical French Didot style, it is bold and delicately sensitive with enough character, when used well, to carry a brand identity all by itself. Its pure, high contrast strokes have a glamorous sensitivity. All these qualities make a woman.

Also, if you notice that even though '#BODYWEAR' appears split; the 2 words are still connected at 'y' and 'r'.... something I used to denote a woman's character.... where she's sexy & glamorous yet connected to her inner-self; enough to know how and what to carry off with style & elegance!

Whole logo unit


Expo personnel branding

The model face of the Trade Expo

The brochure talks about the company and it's success as the brains behind #Bodywear #International #TradeExpo. Client wanted the brochure consist of 4 elements: Femininity, Fashion, Unconventional and Striking. The idea is to give the brand a total makeover to bring it up to international standards as is the company's vision 


The website is finally up on


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