BLISS - catalog

BLISS - catalog
Identity & catalog design for a luxury wash basin range. The project involved photo manipulation, design & layout for BLISS


pgs 1-2

pgs 3-4

pgs 5-6

pgs 7-8

pgs 9-10

Back - Front

E2O l Logo

E2O l Logo
The brief given was that they are starting with a designer hand bag brand under 'Even to Odd' called E2O, which will be targeting girl's above 16 years, for exclusive designer hand bags. A logo was to be created such that the same is read as intended and can be monogrammed without loss of identity. This logo is now on all their bags :)

See in action 

Identity: Asmara Creations

Identity: Asmara Creations
This is an overnite project for Indian wear boutique named 'Asmara Creations'. Asmara in Arabic means 'Butterfly'. Hence the butterfly wings to the logo set against pink to represent the feminine nature of the products stocked. Chose Austin Roman font for its' modern & fashionable feel.

Asmara logo - Glass sticker - solid

Asmara logo - Glass sticker - transparent

Asmara logo - Glow sign
Business card color option - pink 

Business card color option - yellow 

Final Business card 

Audiograph Inc.

Audiograph Inc.
Logo and business cards designed for Audiograph Inc... a  Full-Service Event Support Agency with a Worldwide scope of Operations. A DJ Talent Powerhouse, Audiograph Inc. also features innovative products like an On-Location Sound Recorder, Mumbai's Biggest Acrylic Underlit Dancefloor (45 feet X 45 feet and counting) and an incredibly elaborate Karaoke Set-up.

Bodywear Identity & branding

Bodywear Identity & branding
Creating fresh, new, luxury branding for Bodywear International Trade Expo.

The typeface used is an elegant, glamorous, chic, modern and eye-catching typeface, and packs a lot of personality with powerful & intense, timeless, elegant lines. Based on classical French Didot style, it is bold and delicately sensitive with enough character, when used well, to carry a brand identity all by itself. Its pure, high contrast strokes have a glamorous sensitivity. All these qualities make a woman.

Also, if you notice that even though '#BODYWEAR' appears split; the 2 words are still connected at 'y' and 'r'.... something I used to denote a woman's character.... where she's sexy & glamorous yet connected to her inner-self; enough to know how and what to carry off with style & elegance!

Whole logo unit


Expo personnel branding

The model face of the Trade Expo

The brochure talks about the company and it's success as the brains behind #Bodywear #International #TradeExpo. Client wanted the brochure consist of 4 elements: Femininity, Fashion, Unconventional and Striking. The idea is to give the brand a total makeover to bring it up to international standards as is the company's vision 


The website is finally up on

Ralph Watson

Ralph Watson
Logo modified to include the site url and give a more personalized appeal and business card redesigned!

Real Estate l Identity & Branding

Real Estate l Identity & Branding
"Luxury" was the only brief we got for this project branding and identity. Logo designed by my ex-colleague. This project presentation was conceptualized and designed for The Code Studio. Content writing was also involved. Was quite an experience on the copy-writing part!! Superbia is a 60 floor, twin tower project by an esteemed builder; coming up in the heart of Mumbai.


Building Logo glow sign


Stationary close-up


Full branding

Car park hoarding

Airport branding

Bus-stop display

Highway hoarding design

Footover bridge hoarding

Flyover hoarding

Building hoarding

Roadside hoarding

Mall branding

Construction site boarding / facade

Site office

Proposed website

     Brochure conceptualized on lines of "Music Is Life"     

Cover+pgs 1-2

pgs 3-4
pgs 5-6 : lobby

pgs 7-8

pgs 9-10 : Day view of the towers

pgs 11-12

pgs 13-14 : floor plan

pgs 15-16

pgs 19-20

pgs 21-22 : living room

pgs 23-24

pgs 25-26 : bedroom

Rebranding of Kashmiri Cuisine Restaurant

This project was undertaken to give Poush - Kashmiri Cuisine Restaurant - a whole new look with a modern look combined with Indian tadka!

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