Senroof - residential project brochure

Conceptualized and designed for Code Design Studio, this brochure played along with the hexagon shape. The hexagon is one of the geometric shapes that occurs in nature. Found in the formation of honeycomb it is associated with bees and their co-operative, hard-working natures. Same essense stands for this residential project with it's amenities and layout.

Natural beauty meets plush living at Senroofs Sanctura and Serena. This luxurious oasis of peace is enveloped in a blanket of lush landscaping and pure bliss. Conveniently located a short walk away from Nahur station, with quick access to the Eastern Express Highway, a hospital and shopping areas, Senroofs has everything to put your mind at ease.

COVER with silver foiling in design elements

COVER - Front & Back

Cover option (not chosen)
page 1-2

page 3-4: DAY VIEW


page 7-8: LOBBY

page 9-10: LIVING ROOM

page 11-12: KITCHEN

page 13-14: BEDROOM

page 15-16: BATHROOM

page 17-18: UTILITIES

page 19-20: LOCATION

page 21-22: NIGHT VIEW

page 23-24: FLOOR PLAN


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