JPAC identity

Logo and stationery created for JPAC Technologies Pvt Ltd.
The logo is symbolic of processes, interrelationships, wholeness, systemic view of nature and universe. It represents the combination of intellect and will.

It aims to symbolize the ripples or the ripple effect that can result from the concerted efforts and unified set of strategies of all the Company's members/stakeholders, enabling the Company to:
• reach far and wide in terms of brand recognition;
• grow its client/audience base over time;
• make an impression in the industry; and
• make a significant impact to society

Additionally, the ripple design element also stands for the countless opportunities that the Company will be presented with as it moves forward, just like how new waves appear from the center of a ripple as the outer ones expand.

This design concept puts JPAC right at the center of things—both as a Company and as a brand—to inspire, motivate, influence, and excite anyone and everyone who encounters it.


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