AgencyBuzz.Inc is an emerging company based in Mumbai, which focuses on delivering viral marketing services to the corporate world. This logo draws the elements from infinity symbol. Curvy and round shapes of logo relate to the dynamic and energetic spirit of people from AgencyBuzz.Inc. Clean, modern and minimal style, together with gold color palette win the race for AgencyBuzz.Inc

This is my very first attempt at designing a transparent business card and luckily they are open to new ideas.

SAVE Management - Real Estate Consultants

SAVE Management - Real Estate Consultants
Stationery & corporate brochure for Ahmadabad based real estate company Shree Ashtavinayak Estate Management (SAVE Management). SAVE provides consulting services in the field of real estate and development and is engaged in real estate brokering.

Business card with 2 back options

Folder + Stationery
Corporate gift - Paper weight 

Company brochure - Cover
Company brochure - open perspective

Company brochure - inside closeup

Company brochure - inside

Company brochure - Back

Global Travels Agency Logo & Brand Identity

Global Travels Agency Logo & Brand Identity
The logo and stationary has been designed for a recently launched travel agency 'Global Travels Agency' based out of Mumbai, India

GTA Logo

GTA Logo - b/w

Silver foiled

Glass sticker

Looks great on wood too; eh!

GTA Stationary

GTA flyer

Verbal Romance identity

Verbal Romance identity
Client brief said the logo to be creative, intense yet peppy with emphasis on writing and content creation. I used the Heart to denote their passion for writing and chose a handwritten font to give it a personalized touch. It makes one feel more at home when it comes to contacting Verbal Romance for their content writing projects.


Logo - Silver foiled

Monogram seal

Logo + Tagline

Cardboard effect business card

Card close-up

Verbal Romance Tee

JPAC identity

JPAC identity
Logo and stationery created for JPAC Technologies Pvt Ltd.
The logo is symbolic of processes, interrelationships, wholeness, systemic view of nature and universe. It represents the combination of intellect and will.

It aims to symbolize the ripples or the ripple effect that can result from the concerted efforts and unified set of strategies of all the Company's members/stakeholders, enabling the Company to:
• reach far and wide in terms of brand recognition;
• grow its client/audience base over time;
• make an impression in the industry; and
• make a significant impact to society

Additionally, the ripple design element also stands for the countless opportunities that the Company will be presented with as it moves forward, just like how new waves appear from the center of a ripple as the outer ones expand.

This design concept puts JPAC right at the center of things—both as a Company and as a brand—to inspire, motivate, influence, and excite anyone and everyone who encounters it.

Wisdom Tree NLP Master Practitioner brochure

Wisdom Tree NLP Master Practitioner brochure

Wisdom Tree Personal Transformation - NLP brochure

Wisdom Tree Personal Transformation - NLP brochure

Front cover

Page 1-2

Page 3-4

Page 5-6

Page 7-8

Page 9-10

Senroof - residential project brochure

Senroof - residential project brochure
Conceptualized and designed for Code Design Studio, this brochure played along with the hexagon shape. The hexagon is one of the geometric shapes that occurs in nature. Found in the formation of honeycomb it is associated with bees and their co-operative, hard-working natures. Same essense stands for this residential project with it's amenities and layout.

Natural beauty meets plush living at Senroofs Sanctura and Serena. This luxurious oasis of peace is enveloped in a blanket of lush landscaping and pure bliss. Conveniently located a short walk away from Nahur station, with quick access to the Eastern Express Highway, a hospital and shopping areas, Senroofs has everything to put your mind at ease.

COVER with silver foiling in design elements

COVER - Front & Back

Cover option (not chosen)
page 1-2

page 3-4: DAY VIEW


page 7-8: LOBBY

page 9-10: LIVING ROOM

page 11-12: KITCHEN

page 13-14: BEDROOM

page 15-16: BATHROOM

page 17-18: UTILITIES

page 19-20: LOCATION

page 21-22: NIGHT VIEW

page 23-24: FLOOR PLAN

Rebranding of Kashmiri Cuisine Restaurant

This project was undertaken to give Poush - Kashmiri Cuisine Restaurant - a whole new look with a modern look combined with Indian tadka!

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